Our Partnerships

Vision Source

Vision Source is a network of the country’s private practice optometrists.  It is for independent optometrists who desire to be a part of a premium group of extraordinary eye care professionals, all taking part in preserving the heritage of independent eye care. Vision Source enhances doctors’ practices through cost savings, collegiality, services, and programs so they can focus on taking care of patients.

Vision Source was grown by like-minded optometrists who believed that the best patient experience and care comes from doctors who are free to make their own decisions about what’s best for their patients. 

Patients of Vision Source offices believe their doctors are more caring, professional, and educated than other doctors they have visited, and appreciate the efforts their Vision Source doctors make in order to enhance their experiences. The Vision Source membership consists of the largest network of private practice optometrists with 4,000+ doctors at locations spanning the United States.

By being a part of Vision Source, we are able to work with and glean ideas from other members, including some of the most influential eye care professionals in the country.  As an example, many American Optometric Association (AOA) presidents are Vision Source members, with practices featuring the latest in technology, products, and innovative diagnostic systems.  It is a positive environment where people share ideas and help each other through any and all aspects of managing a private clinic.

Vision Source is also committed to the staff members who work in each doctor’s practice.  Any and all resources we may need for our staff are readily available, which makes them better trained and confident in day-to-day tasks.

We’re very proud to be members of this elite group and have no doubts that you will see the difference at your visit to our Vision Source clinic.

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